• $13.95

Aqua One Filter Pads give the user the ability to cut and shape their pads to suit any filtration system, including: Hang on Filters, Canister Filters, Trickle/Mini Reef Systems, Top Filters, Internal Filters, Pond Filters and other Aquarium and Pond filtration systems.

The Aqua One Nitrate/Nitrite Pad is a tightly woven chemical filter pad which helps to absorb Nitrite (NO2) and Nitrate (NO3). Nitrate can cause kidney, liver and eye problems for fish, as well as suppress their appetite and prevent their gills from absorbing oxygen from the water. The use of a Nitrate/Nitrite pad can help reduce the frequency of water changes.

It is essential you replace the Nitrate/Nitrite pad after 4-6 weeks. The microscopic pores in the pad can fill up and release all the waste previously collected, back into your aquarium.

Active Ingredients: Enzyme Bacteria & Zeolite.

Suitable for: Coldwater & Tropical