• $88.95

Water is vital to every member of the family, including pets. The Pet One Deluxe Drinking Fountain is the perfect way to provide filtered water for your pet at all times. The feed bowl (included) attached to the fountain can be detached easily for cleaning.

The Deluxe Drinking Fountain continually circulates water to attract even the fussiest of pets, encouraging them to stay hydrated. The carbon cartridge reduces impurities in the water to improve overall palatability. The end result is clean filtered water that will help keep your pet healthy and hydrated.

Features & Benefits:

The replaceable carbon cartridges filter out impurities, dirt, and odour which improves the
waters taste and smell
The Deluxe Drinking Fountain incorporates a pump so water does not become stagnant. Pump comes
with suction cup feet to secure it in place
Included feed bowl attached to the fountain can be detached easily for cleaning
The swirling water effect ensures minimal splash to provide a pleasant experience for your pet.
Manufactured from durable plastic and easy to separate and hand wash. Not dishwasher safe
Fuss free and low maintenance option to ensure your pet receives filtered water at all times
Suitable For: Dogs & Cats