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Cuttlebone is the calcareous internal shell of a cuttlefish and while it is commonly called Cuttlefish Bone it is not a bone. The major component of cuttlebone is calcium carbonate (85 percent). Cuttlebone provides a natural, inexpensive source of calcium carbonate as well as other trace minerals.

Cuttlebone is a natural product, containing no toxins or contaminants. Mini Cuttlebone is an excellent supplement which should be provided to small birds such as budgies and finches as a source of calcium and other necessary minerals.

Others animals such as hermit crabs, turtles, snails and some reptiles will also benefit from Cuttlebone, so don’t hesitate in offering these pets Cuttlebone as well.

A typical analysis of Cuttlebone:

Calcium 85% (Calcium Carbonate)