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Snakes and lizards will periodically shed their skin; this is commonly referred to as sloughing. As juveniles they shed more frequently and becomes less frequent as they age. Snakes tend to shed in one complete piece while lizards tend to shed in patches. Issues such as constriction of the toes and incomplete shedding.

Shedding Mist has been designed to ease the shedding process for lizards and snakes by hydrating and softening the old skin and conditioning the new skin giving it a natural and healthy sheen. Shedding Mist is non-toxic and completely safe for reptiles, their water and handling.

Poor nutrition may have a negative impact on the shedding process. If your reptile experiences ongoing shedding issues, consult your veterinarian for advice or contact Vetafarm.

Indications: Assists in the hydration of reptile skin to allow easy shedding. Leaves the new skin with a healthy sheen.

Recommended for: All reptiles as a shedding aid.

Key features: Hydrates reptile skin. Softens and lifts sloughing skin from reptiles. Conditions and leaves new skin with a healthy sheen. Helps to prevent shedding issues such as constricted toes in lizards and retained spectacles in snakes.